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Why Inhaling Silica Dust is Hazardous to Health

Inhaling silica dust can lead to silicosis which is a lung disease that can cause premature death. Exposure has been connected to Obstructive pulmonary disease and to lung cancer

How Using Hepa Air Scrubbers Can Help Control Silica Dust

There are several ways available to control silica dust including on-tool extraction, respiratory protection, water suppression and isolation. However, sometimes the above methods may not be enough to contain the dust.

We can assist by providing rental and sales of our portable air scrubbers. Our 700 - 4125 CFM air scrubbers can assist in controlling any silica dust which may not be contained with the above methods. It provides peace of mind knowing it helps provide legal compliance and workplace safety.

There are also many situations where construction dust may be created in indoor environments without adequate containment and filtration of the air. This can lead to silica deposits on furniture, walls, chairs and other surfaces. It can be a very costly exercise to clean silica dust in commercial environments. In this situation, containment of the dust should be used with hepa air scrubbing an negative air to help reduce cross contamination.

Our hepa filtration units are compact in design and can be stacked on top of each other saving space.

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We can provide consultation and inspection services to let you know how many filtration units you need. You can pick up the equipment for hire if you prefer.

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