• Housing

    durable heavy duty fabric

  • Operating Range

    1.5 long bag

Heavy Duty

Made with durable fabric material, made to last.


long, perfectly fits Trimaco poles.


zipper, to hold up to 6 poles.

Shoulder Straps

To easily carry poles.

#Trimaco Containment Pole Carry Bag & Range

The Trimaco Containment Pole Carry Bag is a convenient way to carry your Trimaco containment poles. These carry bag is made from heavy duty fabric and reinforced zippers to ensure a durable and long lasting carry bag that can hold the weight of up to 6 poles when on the move. Know that you are buying quality with Trimaco. This bag comes with a visible Trimaco logo, with light blue trimming and black fabric for a professional look. Trimaco have made sure to create a containment solution with as little pieces as possible. This means that carrying poles between jobs is the easiest experience it can be, and it works very well with this carry bag.

Please check out our Trimaco range below which includes self adhesive zippers and EZ-Up Containment poles. Additionally, please check out our IAQ Pro Containment Polythene sheeting, the best price you can find for 50m roll of 3m polythene sheeting at 70um: $75 per roll!

Trimaco EZ-Up Heavy Duty Containment Poles 2 pack

Trimaco EZ-Up Heavy Duty Containment Poles 2 pack

Set up a dust barrier in 5 minutes!

Trimaco Self-Adhesive Zippers 2 pack

Trimaco Self-Adhesive Zippers 2 pack

Set up an entry way in your dust barrier with in 2 minutes with these easy zippers.

IAQ Pro Polythene Containment Sheeting

IAQ Pro Polythene Containment Sheeting

The best price you will find for containment sheeting @ 75$ per 50m roll of 3m x 70um.

#Trimaco Set Up in Action!

Trimaco products used to create a containment zone in 5 minutes!

Watch this video for a demonstration on containment wall being set up.

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