• Max Airflow

    Negative airing set up

  • Filtration Performance

    Sealed containment zone

  • Housing

    Polythene Sheeting


Mitigate hazardous dusts

Such as mould, silica dust & Asbestos

Negative Airing

Create negative airing set ups with containments zones to mitigate cross contamination when entering and exiting

Easy exits/entry

Use self-adhesive zippers to create an easy doorway

Quick & easy to set up

Set up a containment wall in 5 minutes!

#Dust Barriers - Temporary Walls / Containment Plastic

Dust Barriers are critical in creating containment zone zones that help contain hazardous materials such as mould. It may also contain hazardous dusts such as silica dust, asbestos, saw dust and much more. The convenience of dust barriers are their portability and quick construction--to quickly erect a containment zone using containment poles and polythene sheeting. Containment poles are poles used for the purposes of dust barriers. They have adjustable heights, and contour to the surfaces of the wall and ceiling, in order to keep polythene sheeting taut from floor to ceiling. The foot and the head of these poles keep the polythene sheeting stretched from the top to the bottom, creating an effective seal.

Here at NLR, we use and provide such containment poles such as Zip Wall products and Trimaco products. We also provide our own containment sheeting (polythene sheeting) at a very affordable price. We particularly offer a large range of Zip Wall products from foam rails, to super-tall containment poles, to complete kits and much more. Please click our link below for purchasing listings below!


Mould remediation

Silica Dust Control

Hospital Cleans

Indoor air quality

#Mould Remediation

Mould remediation is very important in avoiding SBS (sick building syndrome), to keep indoor air quality healthy for its occupants. When remediating heavily affected mould areas, it is important to erect a dust barrier (temporary wall or it is often known colloquially as a Zip Wall, after the industry leading brand), to mitigate further mould spread. This is especially true if mould remediators are often moving in and out of this space, opening the exit/entry which could potential help spread the spores. This is why it is important to first install a dust barrier, to first mitigate the ambient spread of the spores. Secondly, by installing a negative air set up in the containment zone, this ensures that whenever an entry/exit is opened, air rushes in and not out, therefore eliminating the risk of letting mould spores out. This is done by cutting a circular hole in the wall for the intake of an air scrubber to fit and seal to. This ensures the air scrubber takes air from the contained zone, filters it of its mould spores and spits it out into the outside environment. This creates a negative air pressure.   

Containment poles are very quick to extend and set up to the right height and polythene sheeting is easy to cut, unfold and handle. Using self-adhesive zips can help you create entries anywhere on the wall.  Besides mould remediation, dust barriers can be used for all different purposes. It could be used for painting, silica dust control, saw dust control, medical cleans etc. 

#Containment Products

Trimaco EZ-Up Heavy Duty Containment Poles 2 Pack

Trimaco EZ-Up Heavy Duty Containment Poles 2 Pack

Use these heavy duty dust barrier poles to quickly erect containment zones

Trimaco Containment Pole Carry Bag

Trimaco Containment Pole Carry Bag

Carry your containment poles with convenience in a heavy duty bag

Trimaco Self Adhesive Zippers

Trimaco Self Adhesive Zippers

Quickly and easily set up entries to your dust barriers.

IAQ Pro Containment Sheeting

IAQ Pro Containment Sheeting

Best price for containment sheeting you'll find anywhere.

#Example of Dust Barrier Set Up

Trimaco Ez-Up Containment Poles

Dust barriers / containment set ups are really easy to install. Watch this video here to see a demonstration of how to use Trimaco Ez-Up poles, Zip Wall's zippers and IAQ Pro's Polythene sheeting to quickly erect a sealed-tight containment zone with negative airing (courtesy of the IAQ Pro AS650).

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