#About Our Fire Damage Restoration Services

NLR are experts in 

  • Fire damage Restoration
  • Smoke Damage Cleaning 
  • Soot Damage Cleaning
  • Removal of Odour from Smoke & Fire damage. 

Smoke-damaged walls may need to be cleaned, sealed and repainted. This process requires the need of professional & specialized cleaning services. NLR have specialized methods to help eliminate the odour and mitigate damage to walls, surfaces and carpets.

We DO NOT repair or reconstruct walls, structures and badly burnt contents.

#Our Fire Damage Restoration Services Include

  • Odour Removal
  • Ozone Treatment - we can use thermal fogging, ozone machine or hydroxyl generator to provide a final knockdown treatment
  • Fire damage assessment and report for insurance claims
  • Laser cleaning and sandblasting of brick walls to remove smoke and soot damage
  • Remediation of timber floors after smoke damage
  • Cleaning of soot and smoke damage from fabric, wall surfaces and carpet
  • Contents cleaning and furniture smoke damage cleaning, pack out and storage
  • Wall and ceiling cleaning
  • Emergency and mitigation pre-cleaning 

#Issues caused by Fire Damage

Primary damage can be produced by flames which can destroy structural elements and furnishings within the property. In addition, there are byproducts that are corrosive including smoke soot and residue which can cause secondary damage. they are created by the burning of synthetic materials which is a fairly common cause of house fire. 

Different Types of Fire

  • Paper or Wood Fire 
  • Protein Fire - caused by burned food, fat, stock top grease, living tissue or hair
  • Synthetic Fire - Plastic materials including electrical fires as well as furniture and carpets. 

Each of the different fires may need different cleaning methods. There are also several different materials that can be adversely affected and discoloured by soot if they are not immediately attended to. These materials include:

  • Aluminium frames around windows
  • Tiles including porcelain 
  • Marble 
  • Brass 
  • Timber

#Need a Fire Damage Quote?

NLR has been doing fire damage restoration in Brisbane & Sydney since 2002. Why use NLR?:

- QBCC licensed

- IICRC qualified technicians

- Trusted for over 20 years

- Immediate response for emergencies

- Insurance industry approved

State of the art complete pack out and storage facility

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