• Voltage


  • Amp Draw

    5.2 Amp


Silica and Concrete dust

Mould Remediation

#About this product

This single-phase vacuum is a powerful tool for cleaning up worksite debris, mould and other particulates. It is compatible with the Husqvarna PG 280 and PG 450 grinding machines, the early entry saw Soff-Cut 150, and a range of other tools and machines. The Husqvarna S26 can be used to remove concrete, silica and other dust from the air, with the prefilter and HEPA micro filters providing highly effective filtration. The Longpac bagging system collects debris, and can be cleanly removed and replaced without the need to disassemble the machine. The Jet Pulse internal cleaning system automatically cleans the main filter without need for manual maintenance. Easily controllable, the Husqvarna S26 features an hours-used counter and automatic alerts when the filter needs to be cleaned or changed. A durable housing, corrosion-resistant steal clamps and strong handles mean that this industrial vacuum is able to last through many years of use. 

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