• Filtration Performance

    Dust Barrier / Containment Zone

  • Housing

    Made for polythene sheeting

  • Operating Range

    2.13m in height


just like tape, stick it on!

2 minutes

is all it takes to create an sealed entry


in height, for a a tall entry!


Trimaco is a trusted quality brand

#Trimaco Self-Adhesive Zippers & Range

The Trimaco Self-adhesive zippers is easy to use! Standing in front of your containment barrier, simply un roll the zipper until it is a long strap. Find the perfect spot for the zipper (remember it is 2.1m length, so take that into consideration). Take off 50cm worth of protective tape to expose the adhesive and apply the zipper firmly, running your hand along the length, keeping it straight. Once this has been established repeat the process the rest of the way until it is completely applied to the dust barrier. Once completed, unzip the zipper to reveal the dust barrier is still blocking the way. With a Stanley knife, cut a smooth cut along the length of the zipper.  You can now enter through the entry way. We recommend that once inside the barrier, you open the entry way a little more with stanley knife by clearing up some of the excess plastic. This process can take less that 2 minutes!

NLR provides a range of Trimaco products as well as other containment products. Please click the links below to check out Trimaco's EZ-Up Containment Poles and carry a bag, or get a great price of containment polythene sheeting!

Trimaco EZ-Up Heavy Duty Containment Poles 2 Pack

Trimaco EZ-Up Heavy Duty Containment Poles 2 Pack

Use these heavy duty dust barrier poles to quickly erect containment zones

Trimaco Containment Pole Carry Bag

Trimaco Containment Pole Carry Bag

Carry your containment poles with convenience in a heavy duty bag

IAQ Pro Polythene Sheeting

IAQ Pro Polythene Sheeting

The best price you can find for 50m x 3m x 70um polythene sheeting! $75 a roll.

#Containment Setup Video!

Self-adhesive zippers as seen in this video by Agile equipment!

This video demonstrates how to erect a containment wall and uses a self-adhesive zipper to create an entry way into the dust barrier!

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