#What we can do for you

Removal of sewage spill

Sterilise and santise area

Pressure clean tiles and remove carpet

Clearance lab swab testing

#Our method of sewage clean up involves

  • Pressure clean of floors and tiles
  • Removal of carpet
  • Removal of porous nonrecoverable contents and building materials
  • Odour & Smell Removal - We focus on complete source removal to prevent any unwanted odours. We apply the best methods of antimicrobial cleaning using correct chemicals and techniques. After treatment is complete, we can use ozone, Hydroxyl and other odour removal technologies as a final knock-down treatment. 
  • Antimicrobial treatment
  • Treatment clean down of walls and other materials
  • Clearance testing with Swabs sent to a lab or through ATP testing

#Health Effects of Sewage Back Ups

Wastewater and sewage include bacteria, viruses, and parasites etc. Health effects include vomiting, headache, diarrhea, fever cramps amongst others

Building materials that are porous include plasterboard, timber, wood. Such materials can absorb sewage contamination into the material.

NLR have specialized methods of removing the contamination and testing to ensure these materials are safe. Materials like carpet and underlay need to be removed when there is sewage contamination. However other materials can be assessed and methods such as blasting, laser cleaning, antimicrobial cleaning etc can be used to recover these surfaces. 

#Our Affiliations

Why Choose NLR For Sewage Cleaning Services?

NLR has been conducting sewage clean-ups in domestic and commercial properties since 2002.

- Immediate Response 24 Hours a Day

- On the Job in 2 Hours or Less

- QBCC licensed

- 20 + emergency response teams and Vehicles across Brisbane and Sydney

- Transparent Billing. No surprises. We are used to complex billing requirements and can assist with submitting an insurance claim.

If you have a sewage spill, Call the team now!