#What we can do for you

#Our services

  • We can provide a written report with photos which includes how to rectify the moisture problem on your property
  • We can ensure your concrete slab is dry before laying flooring. Having a moisture test before the installation of timber flooring can reduce the risk of timber floor damage such as cupping and peaking
  • Surface alkalinity testing
  • Mould and Source Investigation and Corrective Recommendations
  • All Moisture testing is in line with ASTM F2170-09 and Australian Standard AS1884-2012
  • Inspection of concrete sealer effectiveness
  • Moisture in concrete slab remedies and solutions
  • Location of moisture intrusion in Concrete Slab
  • Trusted for over 20 years by many carpet and flooring shops and floor covering installers
  • Australian Timber Flooring Association Member
  • Qualified and Registered Civil Engineer
  • We are QBCC qualified #1266957