• Voltage

    230 V

  • Max Airflow

    500 Cfm

  • Controls Variable Switch


  • Cable Wrap

#About this product

HEPA benches are used in remediation of contents. Its prime use is in allowing a safe workbench that ensures that mould spores are not spread when remediating. The HEPA bench requires a portable sized HEPA air filtration unit, which is connected by ducting from the intake of the unit to the air vent acting as the benches work surface. A section is made for a small HEPA vacuum to sit within the bench, but any size of HEPA vacuum can be used alongside the bench. 

How to use

When starting remediation, ensure the HEPA air filtration unit and Vacuum are turned on. Bring the specific mould affected item onto the air vent and HEPA vacuum the item. Any mould spores that are disturbed will either be sucked up by the vacuum or be taken into the air vent connected to the HEPA air filtration unit. 

#HEPA Vacuum Library Bench Case Study

NLR Team Removing Mould Spores from Council Library

Use of Hepa Air Scrubbers, Hepa Vacuums, Hepa Vacuum Downdraft Workstation

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