What are your service areas?

We have offices in Brisbane and Sydney, with our headquarters being in Brisbane. While we primarily service South-East Queensland and Sydney, we can travel to any location in Australia if required.

How much do your services cost?

The pricing of our services differs widely depending on travel, labour and equipment required. While we cannot provide free quotes, we can send out our technicians to perform a full assessment of your property and complete a scope for the works required. Please call our office to discuss the services you require.

How is the equipment booked?

Please call us or fill out our enquiry form to book our equipment. We can provide a quote based on the length of time the equipment is hired for.

Which dehumidifier do I need?

The dehumidifier required differs greatly depending on the drying scope. Please call our office if you are unsure of which dehumidifier will suit your requirements.

Am I able to pick up the equipment myself?

Pick-up options are available for most of our equipment. However, some equipment require specialised transportation. Please contact us to enquire whether equipment is available for pick-up.