• Filtration Performance

    Create a dust barrier!

  • Housing


  • Operating Range

    1.41m - 3.66m


Telescopic Poles

Default size is 1.41m, extends to 3.6m

Foot Jack

A foot jack helps push the height of pole the last few cms.

Sheeting Clamp

Clamp holds plastic in place when adjusting pole.

5 minutes

is how long it takes to set up it up!

#Trimaco Range

The Trimaco EZ-Up Heavy Duty Containment poles are solid steel construction that comes with no detachable parts. These poles have no detachable parts that can be lost or snapped/broken because of cheap construction. Be assured when buying Trimaco poles that you are buying quality constructed steel poles, with heavy duty rubber heads. Here at NLR, we also offer containment polythene plastic sheeting for the containment as well as other Trimaco products such ad self-adhesive trimaco zippers for easy exit and entry through containment barriers as well as a Trimaco carry a bag for the poles. To buy these products, please fill out the buy form at the bottom of this page.

Trimaco EZ-Up Heavy Duty Containment Poles are perfect for situations such as:

• Mould remediation

• Hospital Cleans

• Silica Dust Control

• Asbestos Removal etc.

Trimaco EZ-Up Dust Containment Pole Bag

Trimaco EZ-Up Dust Containment Pole Bag

Easily store and carry your Trimaco EZ-Up poles.

Trimaco Self Adhesive Zippers

Trimaco Self Adhesive Zippers

Quickly and easily set up entries to your dust barriers.

IAQ Pro Containment Sheeting

IAQ Pro Containment Sheeting

Best price for containment sheeting you'll find anywhere.

#Trimaco EZ-Up Dust Containment Poles Demonstration

Dust Containment Poles Demonstration

Watch this video to see how easy it is to use Trimaco's EZ-Up Heavy Duty Containment poles. It can only takes 5 minutes to build a containment wall!

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