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#Why do we perform Mould Inspections?

A mould inspection is usually required before mould removal is commenced, as it is in best interests to ensure the source of the mould is corrected first. Failure to correct the source of the mould will result in the mould coming back again after it is removed. This article we wrote on DIY mould removal explains key issues that mould growth presents that must be addressed.

Some of our clients would simply like to know if they have a mould problem or not. If there is a problem, people want to get to the source of the mould. There are also situations where clients would like evidence of what is actually happening unseen in their property. Our mould testing service is useful if these are concerns:

Musty Smell

Has your property recently received some recent water damage? Perhaps from a burst hose, faucet left running, slow leaking pipe or shower pan leak? Elevated moisture levels strongly promote onset mould growth. A musty smell is an identifying sign that may indicate that mould has already started to grow in your property. A mould inspection would be very pertinent. 

Health Risks

If health or particular sensitivitiesis a major concern for any of the occupants in the area, then they may be susceptible to even small amounts of mould nearby. It is imperative to ensure any health hazards are identified, to reduce the otherwise likely scenario that occupants health are compromised.

Property Concerns

Whether you are a tenant or owner, mould may be a concern for your property, both in terms of the structure itself and its habitibility. We often perform home inspections for mould and indoor air quality to ensure that if you are purchasing, renovating, or maintaining a building, that it does not have any mould problems.

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NLR have staff on call who are indoor air quality professionals. Our training & experience across a multitude of jobs means we know what to look for, and get a headstart on the practical answers you're looking for, saving time and money. For our mould inspections, quality and detailed reporting are paramount, so you can trust that you're getting the best service around. 

Complexity can vary starting costs, so please call us for information on how much an onsite mould inspection will cost for your property.

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