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#Why do we do mould inspections?

A mould inspection is usually required before mould removal is commenced because we need to ensure the source of the mould is corrected first. Failure to correct the source of the mould will mean the mould may come back again after it is removed. Have a look on our page “What is mould?” to find out how and why mould grows.

Some of our clients simply would like to know if they have a mould problem or not. If there is a problem, people like to know the source of the mould. There are also situations where clients would like evidence of what is actually happening in the property. Our mould testing service is useful if these are concerns:

Musty Smell

Has your property recently received some recent water damage? Perhaps from a burst hose, faucet left running, slow leaking pipe or shower pan leak? elevated moisture levels are a large conducive to onset mould growth. A musty smell is an identifying sign that may indicate that mould may have already started to grow in your property. A mould inspection would very pertinent. 

Health Risks

If health is a major concern for any of the occupants in the area, then they may be susceptible to even small amounts of mould nearby. It is imperative to ensure any health hazards are identified, to reduce the otherwise likely scenario that occupants health are compromised.

Property Concerns

Whether you are a tenant or owner, mould be a concern in your house hold. We can offer services in home inspections for mould and indoor air quality to ensure that if you are purchasing a house, that it does not have any mould problems.

Onsite technician mould inspections

#Mould inspection Cost

NLR have staff on call who are indoor air quality professionals. Because of this we can offer top quality mould inspections, with detailed reporting that you can trust. As such the following costs apply to mould inspections:

$550 Inc GST Including Report - Brisbane

$770 Inc GST Including Report - Sunshine Coast

$660 Inc GST including Report - Gold Coast

Contact for further information - Sydney & Toowoomba

These prices apply to an average sized Australian domestic property. Properties that are larger than this, will take extra time in order to fully inspect and therefore require different pricing. An onsite technician inspection can take up to 1-2 hours, and a report can be done as little as the same day as inspection, if urgent and if in reasonable time and location constraints. If this is not possible, we will finish the report by next day and send it your way.

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