#What we can do for you

Mould source investigation

Mould Removal

Mould Encapsulation

Mould Report

#What you can expect

Step 1 – Phone consultation

Before we inspect the property, our staff will contact you to to book in a time to discuss the mould problem in detail over the phone.

Step 2 – On site mould assessment

A summary of all areas affected | Outline of the moisture source and what is causing the mould | Scope and quote to resolve the mould issue | Provide mould sampling.

Step 3 – Correction of moisture source

It is important to correct the moisture source otherwise the mould may come back after remediation.

Step 4 – Mould remediation

We will ensure the actual mould remediation is completed in accordance with the scope which we have created.

Step 5 – Completion verification

At the end of the job, third party mould sampling is completed to ensure the mould has been remediated properly and returned back to normal mould ecology.

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