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HEPA Filtration Units


week process


New Life Restoration technicians

#Summary of Mould Spread

Mould was discovered in a school lab. Further inspection showed a spread across in two other labs, and growing on contents in the room. The following is a summary of contents damaged:

  • Contaminated drawers, desks and seats
  • Rugs were considered cross contaminated
  • Cross contamination in ceiling cavities across all labs in building
  • All building surfaces to be cleaned for contamination 
  • 4 rooms affected in total

#Mould Remediation Process

Stage 1 Remediation - Contents Removal and Processing 

  • Technicians removed all contents from affected rooms, listing and photographing non-recoverable contents
  • Once done, non-recoverables were removed and disposed offsite
  • HEPA vacuuming and treatment cleaning all recoverable contents and packing on site 

Stage 2 Remediation - Building and Ceiling Cavity Remediation

  • All building surfaces in room was HEPA Vacuumed and treatment clean to remove mould
  • In conjunction with builders, Technicians helped strip out affected ceiling, waste is bagged and disposed off site safely
  • Air conditioning cleaning 
  • HEPA Vacuum and treatment clean to all vertical and horizontal surfaces in ceiling space.
  • Run HEPA filtration during remediation process. 


Stage 3

After works was completed, testing and analysis was done onsite, to verify the success of the mould remediation. All equipment was removed and the labs were safe for use again.

New Life Restoration prides itself on mould remediation and so if you have a mould problem or query please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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