#Details of Damage

  • Visual mould on the wall between tenancies
  • Lower plasterboard wall has high moisture levels to the first joint to 1.2m
  • All metal frames have heavy visual rust to the base plate and studs to 1.3m
  • Butcher plasterboard wall has extreme visual mould growth to 2.4m- Next door roof cavity near office has visual mould growth on top of ceiling panels and walls throughout the wet area
  • Next door roof cavity has visual mould near the air-conditioning intake, above refrigerator display units

#Site Video for Job

#How We Removed the Mould

  • Mould remediation to building surfaces including exposed stud framing, wall cavities, walls, ceiling, floors, windows, doors, etc - by HEPA vacuuming, wash/wipe, treat vertical and horizontal surfaces
  • Structural drying of moist building materials via air movement and dehumidification
  • Antimicrobial knockdown treatment
  • Removed affected plasterboard to structurally sound walls. Non structurally sound walls, plasterboard has been treatment cleaned, encapsulated and left in place. (The remainder of this plasterboard to be removed in stage 2)
  • Application of mould encapsulation sealant to structural components
  • Post remediation mould sampling and testing to verify mould remediation works successfully
  • Disposal of all waste and debris - onsite skip bin 
  • HVAC system to be cleaned by other contractors

#Further Actions

  • Removal of the contaminated plasterboard components (both ceilings and walls) from the next door shop side 
  • The middle plasterboard sheet has been encapsulated with IAQ 6100 mould resistant paint.
  • Recommend wall to have mechanical ventilation installed and the ducting to be 200mm x 200mm to allow sufficient airflow; ducting with eave vents
  • The wall to be made of water-resistant and mould resistant board
  • The source of the moisture from the next door tenancy still exists and needs to be addressed. If left unattended, the high moisture levels will continue to allow mould growth


The client was happy that we could remove the mould in the property so the business could continue to trade without negative health effects.