#Project Highlights

Saved $50,000

in estimated contents replacement costs, by setting up appropriate containment

Complete Stripout

to ceiling and walls on lower level (3 bedrooms & rumpus)

All surfaces mould remediated

including walls, cupboards, windows, structural framework etc.

H202 Vaporisation

knock down treatment and encapsulation to wooden framework

#Damage Caused

A large dual-level home was subject to a filter pipe connector break causing a water inundation to the home while the occupants were on an extended holiday. Due to the amount of time the water had been sitting in the materials, considerable mould growth began. The following building elements were affected by both water and mould damage:

Collapsed ceiling

Plasterboard walls



All lower level rooms

Ceiling cavity




The client was exceptionally happy that we were able to respond quickly and we had the technology and expertise to dry down the building to minimise building interruption.

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