#Project Highlights

Whole house affected

due to secondary soot damage

Negative venting

used in conjuction with HEPA air filtration

Complete clean

to all recoverable surfaces

Hydroxyl generator

used as knock down treatment

#Damage caused

A double-storey house had a kitchen fire when the insured left butter cooking on a cooktop when they left the house. Upon arrival back home they found the fire brigade attending to the fire.

Burnt cook top

Damage ranged hood

Charred kitchen cabinetry

Heavy soot damage to kitchen

Strong smoke odour

All contents soot contaminated

Soot damage to upstairs contents

Soot damage to upstairs walls

#Fire damage procedure

Our first concern to address to completing the job was ensuring the safety of all trades and people attending the site. We installed appropriate containment and air filtration devices (AFD) under negative pressure to ensure both safety and secondary damage. 

Removal of non-recoverable building elements
Upon establishing a safe working environment, the removal of non-recoverable building elements was commenced. This is a quick way to progress the fire damage remediation and is necessary to do at the beginning of the restoration.

Remediation to all exposed surfaces
Fire remediation clean was commenced on all horizontal and vertical surfaces by the use of chem sponges, HEPA vacuuming, and microfibre treatment wiping with appropriate fire cleaning solution. Once completed, a tile clean was also done.

Hydroxyl generator treatment
The use of a hydroxyl generator ensures the remaining smoke odour is removed.