#Restoration Summary

NLR was notified after a fire in a factory had completely halted work and caused significant damage to the structure and the inventory. The factory management had significant production quotas to meet and was keen to save whatever inventory could be restored, and restart factory operations as soon as possible. 

To satisfy the needs of the job, the NLR Restoration team had to remove soot from all the walls and ceiling, assess the inventory for salvageable items, clean and restore what could be saved, and collaborate with the builders working to fix the structural issues in the building. The first priority though, was making the area safe and helping production restart. 

Because of the size of the job, and the significant speed requirements, NLR brought on extra restoration technicians and divided them into teams for the project. Within a couple of days, the factory had been restored to almost full production, with the factory workers continuing their jobs alongside the restoration technicians. The project manager, Jacob Wright, then undertook the gigantic task of cleaning the entire inside of the factory. Over a couple of weeks, NLR had scrubbed every wall free of soot, assessed and restored all the inventory to a salable condition.

The clients were extremely pleased with the results, and both the insurance company and the factory management was happy with the result NLR was able to deliver. Delays to the production schedule and disruption to the factory clients was limited.

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Fire Restoration Services

Factory Fire Case Study

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