#How we did Lithium Battery Clean Fire Clean Up

In this case, we were asked to provide mitigation efforts to have the business up and running as soon as possible. We worked on the weekend as well as a public holiday to have the task done. 

Some of the steps included 

-Relocate nonrecoverable contents
- Set up HEPA filtration/negative air to remove airborne particulate
- HEPA vacuum and treatment clean all surfaces inc ceilings, walls & floors
- Fire remediation clean to upholstery
- Washing down of walls with Alkaline chemical
- Dry rinsing of walls
- Dry sponging ceilings with chem sponge
- Fire remediation to table & chair set
- Containment of air conditioning.
- Ozone Machine / Hydroxyl treatment
- Remove equipment at the completion
- Clearance testing and Clearance Report

In this particular case, we contracted a hygienist to conduct fire damage post-remediation verification to ensure the property has been cleaned to industry standards. The industrial hygienist tested for a number of contaminants caused by a lithium battery fire including heavy metals etc. 

#Need a Price Estimate for Fire Damage Clean Up?

Send us some pictures of the damage and we can do our best to provide a price estimate for you. 

Contact our team now and we can advise on approximate costings to make your property safe again. We can work after hours to make sure your business is operating as soon as possible.

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