#Project Highlights - Pack Out




Cabinets... and more


and pack out offsite


and reinstall recoverables

#Damage caused

There was primary damage caused to the back of the building resulting in charred brickwork and broken glass. heavy soot damage carried throughout the premises affecting the walls, ceilings as well as all the contents. 

Builders were unable to start work until the contents of the business could be listed, packed/disposed of, restored and reassembled back when building works had been completed. NLR was engaged to take care of the contents side of the job. 

Due to the fire, the following contents needed to be processed: 

  • Office desks
  • Office chairs
  • Stationary, electrical items, computers
  • kitchenware, food, fridges and appliances
  • TV's, monitors
  • Cabinets

Kitchen closest to fire, damaged

All throughout office was affected

#Process of Remediation

  1. NLR Technicians disassembled large furniture items into manageable parts, to be transported offsite
  2. Alongside furniture items, smaller items were wrapped and boxed.
  3. Items were remediated offsite back at the warehouse and safely packed away using appropriate packing materials.
  4. Hard contents were HEPA vacuumed, wiped, washed, treated and dried as required
  5. Small kitchen and cabinet contents deemed recoverable were ultrasonic washed and dried.
  6. Blinders were cleaned in place
  7. All electrical items were tested and tagged
  8. All items were stored in our storage facility for 1 month period. 

In total there were 49 chairs, 27 desks, 22 cabinets, 12 monitors, 2 fridges, 1 TV, various smaller items were processed.


Once all contents were packed away, builders were able to complete their job and restore the building. Once this was all done, NLR technicians were able to return and assemble all contents to the premises, placing items back in their original places.

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