#Project Highlights


Days from start to finish


Indoor Environment Professional was brought in


HEPA filters


Technicians in attendance

#Project Overview

Fire/Soot Damage Restoration - Hospital: Mental Health Ward

Cause of damage: Patient set alight bedding linen

2 levels of the mental health unit:

• 10 patient rooms

• 7 Bathrooms

• 7 related staff rooms as well as a stairwell

• Furniture, medical equipment, appliances, beds affected by the fire

• Patients' contents heavily affected

Reading high levels of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) in the air, within the affected damaged areas.

Cleaning Objective:
Bringing affected areas to make safe levels to allow for safe access for consultants, contractors, hospital representatives etc, to properly assess the extent of the damage.

Primary fire affected room

Patients' contents affected

#Works completed

  • Initial VOC readings 
  • Installation of containment barriers, to isolate working areas
  • Set up HEPA filtration throughout rooms, with a negative air venting and 2x hydroxyl generator installed
  • Contents itemising and documenting of recoverable and non-recoverable contents belonging either to the hospital or patients
  • Non-recoverable items were documented and disposed of. Recoverables were boxed and taken offsite to the NLR facility to be remediated, boxed and returned to the site
  • Pressure clean/scrub/extract hard floor areas
  • Fire chemical block wiped ceiling to remove soot in affected areas
  • Fire remediation to walls and cupboards - HEPA vacuum, washing and wiping
  • Stripped out charred plasterboard and cupboard in initial fire incident room. Vacuumed, wiped and treated stud work
  • Set up VOC & particle counts monitoring meter devices where required
  • Stairwell area Vacuumed, mopped, treated and deodorised
  • Continual changing of HEPA filters throughout the duration of the job
  • Double-check over all areas for quality assurance
  • Final readings, surface sampling to ensure safe levels have been reached. 

Patients' rooms remediated

Patients' lounge area cleaned


NLR was successful in bringing the VOC levels down, creating a safe environment for further contractors to come do their further works. Our completion was signed off and in our report we offered recommendations of works to be carried out by other professions to ensure contamination was removed. If you have any fire remediation queries, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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