#Details of Damage

  • Visual mould to ceilings, walls, in lounge, kitchen and laundry
  • Moisture and heavy dirt damage to carpets in bedrooms 1, 2, 3 and 4 
  • Drill holes to ceilings and walls throughout the property where water system was set up
  • Impact damage to solid plaster wall in bedroom
  • Various contents throughout damaged (believed to be tenants')
  • Drug lab contents in front and back yard of the property
  • Suspected methamphetamine/drug contamination to building surfaces throughout (awaiting test results)
  • Curtains in entrance, lounge and bedrooms heavily worn and damaged beyond restoration

#Swab Samples Taken

5 swab samples were collected from various test points within the property taken to the lab for analysis for methamphetamine presence/absence


#How We Restored The Property

  • Preliminaries: SWMS, JSA observed. Appropriate PPE was worn by technicians and persons entering the property
  • Implement HEPA Filtration for air management and negative venting
  • Strip, bag & dispose of non-recoverable carpet, underlay and gripper strips in bedrooms 1,2,3 & 4 to onsite skip bin
  • Remediation/decontamination cleaning to all surfaces by HEPA vacuuming then chem sponge, damp wiping, low-pressure wet washing, etc., methodology applied appropriately to deal with chemical contamination found on testing. Includes walls, ceilings, kitchen cupboards, wardrobes, switches, windows, window frames, doors, fittings, etc)
  • Plaster patch holes in solid ceiling and walls to prevent moisture absorption during cleaning
  • Mould remediation cleaning and treatment to building surfaces - physical removal of mould by HEPA vacuuming,
  • Wash/wipe, treat vertical and horizontal surfaces with appropriate mould cleaning solution including ceiling, walls, floor, etc)
  • Decontamination clean treatment to floors and vinyl
  • Structural drying of damp building materials by dehumidification and air movement
  • Knockdown odour treatment, Hydrogen Peroxide treatment
  • Collect 4 x Clandestine Drug Lab testing of plasterboard walls and 3 x bio tape surface sample after building decontamination clean, clearance testing


The client was happy that the property was restored to pre-loss condition without any evidence of the drug lab which was there.