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Cold rooms


days, completed

#Damaged Caused

Two of the stadium's cold rooms were exhibiting what seemed to be mould growth, stuck on vertical and horizontal surfaces. These rooms had contents inside. There was a worry for the use of these rooms, and it was then imperative to clean them. The refrigerator coils also were exhibiting the same state. 

#Clean Up

Upon inspection, it was discovered that the dirty patches on the vertical and horizontal surfaces were not moulded, but was due to the frequent overspray and misting of beer in the room, which then spread and rested on surfaces around the area and solidified. The technicians first removed all contents from the rooms and then used a portable extraction machine to pressure clean all horizontal and vertical surfaces. The water was then extracted. Using Aeris cleaning chemicals, the walls were microfibre-wiped to ensure all contaminants were removed. Lastly, the refrigerator coils were given a good clean with a special Aeris coil cleaning chemical. 


All cold room surfaces were decontaminated and cleaned. The refrigerator coils were thoroughly cleaned and the room was brought back to use. If you have any cold room cleaning enquiries or wish to have your own cold rooms cleaned please don't hesitate to contact us. You can do so by clicking on the button below. 

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