#Project highlights


days from start to finish


NLR technicians to complete job

3 stage

cleaning process

ATP testing

Adrenosine triphosphate testing to verify successful cleaning

#Project Overview

Specialised Cleaning: Contagious Outbreak Cleanup - Watch House

Affected rooms:

  • 3 cell rooms
  • Shower room
  • Common area
  • Observation Viewing cell

Infectious Disease Control Clean to the prison watch house and as determined and authorised by Client 

Cleaning objective:

To bring the measured RLU's (Relative light units that measure adenosine triphosphate) to 5 RLU or under which is measured by an ATP tester. 

#Works Completed

First stage Cleaning

  • Installed Abatement HEPA air filtration units during the work process to "scrub" the air of harmful particles. 
  • All surfaces were given an initial clean with a T-bar, micro-fibre and mop to all surfaces to reduce the risk of infection to workers. 

Second Stage Cleaning

  • Scrubbing and wiping with microfibre cloths all surfaces including walls, ceilings, floors, windows, tables, doors, frames, benches, glass pane toilets, etc. with antimicrobial treatment.
  • Wipe down with dry clean microfibre cloth

Third Stage Cleaning

  • Third stage clean - Pressure clean/ scrub and treat walls, floors, toilets, shower/bathroom
  • Immediately wipe dry wet surfaces
  • Front Hallway/Corridor surfaces make safe clean and treat, concerns of staff for any cross-contamination
  • Treatment clean, mop and dry floors

Initial T-Bar wipe down

Microfibre anti microbial treatment to walls


After all cleanings were undertaken to every surface in every room, ATP testing was conducted to verify the success of the cleaning. Throughout every room, all readings were measured under 5 RLU, which indicated thoroughly cleaned surfaces. This was indicative of cleaning objectives being reaching and that the rooms were safe to be used. No further cleaning was required.

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