Type of Premises

Residential unit in a multi-level complex

Affected Area Details

  • Kitchen
  • Lounge
  • Bedrooms x 2
  • Laundry

Scope of Work

Preliminaries: SWMS, JSA observed. Appropriate PPE wore by technicians and persons entering the property

  • Implement HEPA Filtration for air management and negative venting as required
  • Remediation/decontamination cleaning to all surfaces by HEPA vacuuming then chem sponge, damp wiping, low-pressure wet washing, etc., methodology applied appropriately to deal with chemical contamination found on testing. Includes walls, ceilings, kitchen cupboards, wardrobes, switches, windows, window frames, doors, fittings, etc)
  • Clean tiled areas ensuite, bathroom, laundry
  • Restoration & Cleaning Of Air Conditioner

Instant Result Meth Testing to confirm we have cleaned the surface effectively

Use of Hepa Air scrubber to filter out contaminants

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