#Project Highlights

After Hours

No interruption to opening hours


Exclusion pedestrian zone





#Damage Caused

There was a presence of concentrations and hardened accumulation of pigeon droppings, faecal matters and nesting/breeding/roosting materials, on the metal trusses and across the awning of a storefront. This was caused by local pigeons continually perching and roosting in front of the store. It was important to the business that this be remediated after hours, so as to not interrupt the normal opening hours of the store (8 am-4 am).


• Set up a pedestrian exclusion zone for the safety of the public and the workers

• Covered outside furniture with plastic sheets to prevent cross-contamination from faecal matter being removed from above

• Used Plastic sheeting to cover ground, to prevent further contamination to the pavement

• Technicians used cleaning chemicals to soak faecal matter, once moist and softened, it was physically removed with microfibre cloths

• Pressure cleaned metal trusses and surfaces with low psi

• Removed liquid waste with a portable extractor

• Antimicrobial treatment to the immediate area


The awning and all metal trusses were cleaned thoroughly. Technicians were able to complete the job within one night, and much quicker than expected. all faecal matter was completely removed with out a trace. The business was happy to have a clean metal framining that freshened their store front. If you have any pigeon poo related queries, or wish us to inspect your property, please don't hesitate to contact us. Click on the botton below. 

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