#Project Highlights

2 days

decontamination of buildings


buildings decontaminated by our staff


split system air conditioners cleaned


supervisors and 26 New Life Restoration Technicians on the job

#Contaminated Areas

There were several affected areas as a result of the flu outbreak amongst the schooll. The following building elements were needing decontamination:

Structural walls

Floors including vinyl and carpet

Fixtures and contents

4 teaching blocks

2 toilet blocks

Furniture - chairs and desks

24 A/C units

#Flu Decontamination

As part of the delivery of high quality cleaning service to the school in this scenario, New Life Restorations had implmented the use of ATP bioluminescence testing to monitor standards of cleaning. In accordance with Guidelines for Cleaning Methodologies, Applications and Equipment 2014, key cleaning principles were followed including - but not limited to - adequately trained cleaning staff, wearing suitable ppe, use of laundered, hygienic cleaning equipment such as re-usable microfibre cloths and mops, HEPA filter vacuum cleaningers and appropirate TGA approved detergent/disinfectant cleaning solution in required concentrations. 

In order to scientifically measure cleanliness of surfaces ATP testing was conducted before and after the cleaning process. ATP (adenosine triphosphate) is present in all living cells and can be used as an indicator of biological contamination on surfaces.


The decontamination process was started and completed over a weekend, ready for staff and students to come back on the Monday. The school was happy with the result, and normal operations was resumed. 

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