#Project highlights


Ozone generator


building, unoccupied for eight years


HEPA air filters


large professional grade HEPA vacuum units

#Damage Caused

Due to a the disrepair of the building, pigeons were able to nest undisturbed inside the building, causing a high level of pigeon waste. Additionally, the disrepair also caused high mould contamination in the air. As a result, the following elements of the builder were affected: 



Loft area

Plaster/suspended ceilings


Carpet flooring

Timber framing and beams

Office dividing walls

Vinyl flooring

Metal Ducting



Heavily affected materials were disposed including carpets, office dividing walls and ceiling tiles. HEPA air filtration cleaned the air, whislt droppings were extracted with a truckmount and cleaned off all horizontal and vertical surfaces. Patchwork was undertaken to cover up holes from teh building's disrepair, and the property was restored to a stage where it could enter reconstruction. The client was satifised with the remediation of the site, and happy to be able to enter the next stage of the reconstruction of the building. 

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