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Mould Cleared Rooms

#Mould Remediation Summary

NLR responded to the call for mould remediation in a Vet Clinic. The ongoing water leaks to multiple points in the building resulted in heavy visual mould growth to five rooms affecting inside wall and ceiling cavities. There was also bound moisture to the plasterboard and timber framework inside the wall cavities. NLR understood that work needs to be completed as soon as possible to keep the vet clinic up and running.

NLR Restorations did the remediation according to IICRC standards. To make safe and avoid cross-contamination of areas, the team set up containment. Then the team placed and relocated contents to other areas of the site. All mould-affected plasterboards, building materials, and contents were removed and disposed of off-site. To ensure the Vet Clinic’s safety, antimicrobial treatment and encapsulation paint were done as a final measure.  

NLR team completed the works over a long weekend while collaborating with builders. Repair works were carried out in mould-cleared areas simultaneously while mould remediation was in progress in other areas. 

All restoration and repair works were completed in a faster time frame and the Vet Clinic was able to commence its operations.

Video Case Study: Serious Mould

Heavy visual mould growth in 5 rooms of a vet clinic remediated in one week.

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