• Power


  • Voltage

    230 50Hz

  • Min Airflow

    450 m3/h


Death Scenes

Removal of Cigarette Smell from Vehicles

Crime Scene Cleanup

Blood & Faeces odour removal

Mould, Mildew

Fire Damage, Smoke

Fabrics Carpets

Carpets, Rugs

Pet Smells

Funeral Parlours

Paint Smells (Occupants can occupy the building immediately after it is painted)

Bowling allies and pubs (Deodorisation of alcohol, smoke odours and bowling shoes)


Curtains, fabrics


Boats, Ships, aircraft

#About this product

What is an Ozone Machine?

An ozone generator produces ozone gas which can be used to remove air pollutants and unwanted smells in a variety of applications for homes and businesses.

How we use Ozone to Remove Odour

Ozone is a molecule made of three atoms of oxygen. Oxygen contains only two molecule. The third oxygen atom can detach from the oxygen molecule and attach to other substances. This process. can greatly decrease odour.


  • Ozone can adversely affect indoor plants, and damage materials such as rubber, electrical wire coatings, and fabrics and art work containing susceptible dyes and pigments. 
  • Ozone is hazardous while running, please remove any pets or any occupants from property while machine is running.
  • You need to install warning signs around the property (supplied) to ensure nobody enters the property during operation
  • A signed statement saying you understand the risks with operation will needs to be filled out
  • Deposit required
  • 100 points of ID 
  • Warning and caution signs are supplied with the unit

Hire Locations

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Unit can be transported in a mid sized car. Can be transported laying down. Seats can be folded down in a station wagon or SUV.

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