• Voltage

    220-240V AC ~50Hz

  • Power Consumption


#About This Product

2021 Recommended Choice Dehumidifiers


Excellent humidity control


Versatile Humidity Controls

4 RH Level Settings

60% - Energy-saving and quiet operation

50% - Used to prevent mould growth

40% - Prevent condensation

Continuous - Dry materials as fast as possible!


3 Power Levels

Auto - Quiet & automatic

Low (Quiet) - Power saving option, daily use

High - For quick evaporation/dehumidification



Large Area Coverage

Large coverage area up to 50m² using its automatic louvre and directional adjustments

Efficient Dehumidification

Evaporates water faster and more efficiently than other dehumidifiers

Silver Nano Filter

Inhibits the growth of mould of the filter, ensuring the air quality of your home

Low Maintainence

Due to the use of desiccant technology, there are no parts that need a replacement! Only v

acuuming to the filter is required for maintenance.


Protects Your Home

Use the IONMAX 632 to keep humidity levels at bay. By keeping your home at the right humidity levels, you can protect your home and contents from mould growth

Keep Wet Rooms Dry

Keep rooms with excess moisture (such as laundries, bathrooms, and kitchens) dry. You can even use it to dry your clothes quickly indoors!


User-Friendly Water Tank

An easy to use and inspect water tank makes water removal a cinch.

3.5L water tank

Clear housing to check water levels

Water tank features a handle for easy transportation

Continuous drainage via hose (hose provided)

Variable and Adjustable Controls

Sensors to detect upright position, abnormal temperatures, or full water tank

Auto restart in case of power failure


Use Unattended

The Ionmax 632 incorporates safety features that enable it to be used unattended

Low Operating Noise (44 ~ 51 dBA)



Does not emit greenhouse gases

Timer up to 8 hours

Portable with Carry Handle


User Friendly Features

User friendly features and portable housing makes it a great choice for the home.





Most viruses and bacteria are fond of humid and cold environments. They are afraid of heat, and could very well be inactivated under high temperatures. The higher the temperature is, the shorter the inactivation time.

Due to the nature of zeolite (the main absorption material of the desiccant wheel), it is very good at capturing small molecules in the air- that includes not only vapour but also all kinds of pathogens, allergens, spores, and even formaldehyde.

There is an ultra high-temperature core within the desiccant dehumidifier, and its main purpose is to evaporate the vapour absorbed in the zeolite wheel; however, since the core temperature could reach temperatures of 200°-500°C, it also automatically sterilises the wheel while dehumidifying.

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