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#About this Product

The new IAQ PRO 65L Dehumidifier LGR65 is an addition to our LGR series which is specifically designed for commercial jobs relating to water damage which provides safety and stability because of its wear-resistant body while offering an environmentally friendly and energy-saving performance, a high performing and reliable technology that offers a longer equipment life against harsh environment, 20% lower carbon energy absorption which saves up to 40% of energy, and certified and award winning “Hight-tech Product”.

This unit’s dehumidification capacity performs differ depending in the environment’s condition:

  1. 135PPD/day - 30°c/80%RH
  2. 85PPD/day - 27°c/60%RH
  3. 180PPD/day - 32°c/90%RH
  4. 178PPD/day - 140°c/20%RH

Ideal for:

  • Commercial Dehumidifying
  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Crawl Space Dehumidifying
  • Industrial Dehumidifying


  • ETL Certification
  • 180PPD at Saturation
  • Auto Defrosting System
  • Supports ODM & OEM
  • Energy Efficient
  • Expanded Capacity
  • Ease of Install

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