• Power


  • Voltage


  • Max Airflow


  • Amp Draw

    32 Amp Gas / 160 Amp Electric

  • Stackable

  • Cable Wrap


Water Damage Restoration

Construction Drying

Paint Removal Corrosion Control

Clean Rooms & Hospitals

#About this product

Gas Reactivation Heater and Electric Heater Option

The heaters inside our 5000 CFM desiccant are power by LPG gas. The gas powered heater inside allows the dehumidifier to use significantly less power. This could allow you to use the desiccant unit without hiring a generator saving on energy and hire cost.


Several units can be loaded onto the back of trucks crossways on the flatbed. They can be forklifted off the truck or unloaded with a crane. Our team can provide a transport solution which works for you.

What to Consider When Hiring

This unit can either be run with an electric heater or with the gas heater. If you do require a generator, our team can assist you with locating the right sized generator for your needs

#Hire Locations

We can also organise freight to most major cities Australia wide (Adelaide, Perth etc). We ask that you keep all packaging for return shipping.

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