• Power

    Eletric / LPG

  • Water Removal

    62L - 5000L per day

  • Operating Range

    0° - 43°C

At NLR, we have 20+ years of experience with operating such units effectively, and we offer 3 models for different use cases.

Portable Phoenix Desiccant:
- 47Kg, 1016mm H x 610mm W x 535mm D
- Up to 62L per day
- Dry entire rooms
- Highly portable, fit multiple in a van
- Electrically powered

2000 CFM Industrial Desiccant
- 570Kg, 820mm H × 2,330mm W × 1,930mm D
- Up to 540L per day
- Dry entire floors
- Set on caster wheels, requires a large trailer or more.
- Electrically powered

5000 CFM Industrial Desiccant
- 2,000Kg, 1,920mm H × 2,560mm W × 1,270mm D
- Up to 5000L per day!
- Dry entire buildings
- Requires a flatbed truck or similar transport.
- Combination LPG/Electrically powered


Large Loss

Water Damage Restoration

Controlling Humidity

Drying in Cold Environment

Low Grain Moisture Removal


When to use Desiccant Dehumidifiers

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