• Power


  • Voltage


  • Max Airflow


  • Amp Draw

    3.5 amps

  • Stackable

  • Cable Wrap

  • Power Cord Length


  • Water Removal

    38 Lt/day

Water Damage Restoration

This dehumidifier can tackle water damage in small and medium sized enclosed spaces.

Structural Drying

This low grain refrigerant dehumidifier is able to dry water out of dense materials. This makes it great for drying out structural timber frames and concrete.

Construction Drying

This dehumidifier can speed up the drying process for concrete and other materials, thereby preventing construction delays and issues with excess moisture.

Corrosion Control

The DRI-EAZ BD2500 can provide a solution to corrosion problems when blast cleaning and coating metal objects and structures.


The DRI-EAZ BD2500 is a compact and powerful LGR dehumidifier, ideal for use in water damage restoration, construction, structural drying and many other applications that require low humidity. Built with robust rotomolded housing to endure the tough environments it is placed in, this machine is able to tackle water damage restoration in residential, construction and industrial environments. Compact and stackable, this dehumidifier can be easily transported to any worksite and fit into smaller spaces (e.g. crawlspaces, attics, bathrooms) than other dehumidifiers can. A control panel and automatic humidistat allows users to easily set desired humidity targets. The DRI-EAZ BD25000 also has a screen which displays real-time temperature, relative humidity and grain depression (CPP), allowing for simple and straightforward tracking of the drying process. The DRI-EAZ BD25000 can pull up to 38 litres per day from the environment and still functions perfectly in low humidity conditions, making it more effective than many other larger and bulkier dehumidifiers.

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