• Power


  • Voltage


  • Max Airflow

    2000 CFM

  • Amp Draw

    61 Amps

  • Stackable

  • Cable Wrap

  • Water Removal



Water Damage Restoration

Construction Drying

Paint Removal Corrosion Control

Clean Rooms & Hospitals

Desiccant Dehumidifier CFM 2000

Watch video to see and example of the desiccant dehumidifier in use.

#About this product

This unit is very useful for applications where the unit can only be used indoors. It can be rolled or forked inside a freight elevator making it perfect for use in high rise water damage or construction drying. It also can rolled through a normal sized doorway which adds to the flexibility of the unit.

This is a 4 hole design desiccant as opposed to the 3 hole design. The advantage of a 4 hole design desiccant is that there it does not create negative pressure in the room you are trying to dry. Sometimes the environment outside has has a humidity and temperature not conducive to drying. This could create inefficiencies in the drying process.

This particular brand of dehumidifier is known internationally for its reliability and its user friendly maintenance. You will not have to worry about unit down time. If there are any issue with the unit, it can easily be repaired without having to remove much of the componentry inside the machine. Additionally, the unit has minimal fuses which makes it easy to troubleshoot on the jobsite.

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