• Power


  • Voltage


  • Max Airflow


  • Amp Draw

    51 Amps - Single Phase

  • Plug Type

    Can be hardwired to Premises or Generator.


Water Damage Restoration

Construction Drying

Paint Removal Corrosion Control

Clean Rooms & Hospitals

#About this product

There are 2 speeds available on this machine. The lower power setting only uses 40 amps and the higher speed uses 52 amps. The lower power option may be suitable for situations where there is minimal power available such as drying residential property.


  • Heavy Duty Design

  • 2 speed settings for flexibility around power availability


  • They are provide a high drying capacity for the size of the unit. Great for small spaces or if there is no room on the property to have a large external desiccant unit outside for drying

  • It can be used in high rises where external desiccant units cannot be utilised

What is the advantage of 700CFM Desiccant?

You might be asking why use this unit when I can hire small LGR Refrigerant units. Desiccants this size are useful for aggressive drying. Particularly with materials that have bound moisture which is difficult to get out such as concrete and timber. Flooding to a property can cause moisture to seep in gradually over a long period which can be difficult and time consuming to use with standard refrigerant dehumidifiers. In this case, we can recommend using a desiccant dehumidifier. 

This particular unit is single phase, meaning it can be hardwired into a standard residential property or even a commercial property which does not have 3 phase power available. This adds greatly to the flexibility of use. 

If you have a large area to dry, please consider our 2000 CFM industrial Dehumidifier or 5000 CFM Climate by Designs LPG Electric Desiccant Industrial Dehumidifier.

#Flood Drying Photos

Commercial office Water Damage

Commercial office Water Damage

Industrial Property Water Damage (Gold Coast)

Industrial Property Water Damage (Gold Coast)

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We can also organise freight to most major cities Australia wide (Sydney, Adelaide, Perth Etc). We ask that you keep all packaging for return shipping.

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