#Project Highlights


from first call to job completed. Same day response.

Anti-microbial treatment

Area completely sanitized and ready for use

Complete removal

of biohazardous material. Removed and disposed of by technician

#Damage caused

Sewage had backed up the drain of a small laundry and as a result, the following elements were affected:

Laundry tiling

Laundry tiled wall bases

Area underneath fixed cabinet

Adjoining toilet and bathroom

Nylon living room carpet

Affected cleaning items

Sewage Cleanup 3 | New Life Restoration

#Anti-Microbial Treatment

Due to the biohazardous nature of sewage, it is critical to remove the substance as quickly as possible and rid any materials where possible. In this instance, the technician pre-sprayed an anti-microbial treatment before physically removing the sewage with the appropriate protective wear and heavy-duty, disposal bags. Using a strong neutralising agent, the technician mopped the area and did a final wipe down of all areas. All affected items were reported to insurance and were given permission by the client, they were disposed of. There was a very small area of carpet affected by the incident, and replacement of the room's carpet was recommended to the insurance. 


The client was satisfied with the result and was glad to be able to use the bathroom, laundry and toilet again, without the risk of becoming sick.

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