#Project Highlights

5 Days

remediation, ready for floor to be refitted.


Air movers


LGR Dehumidifiers


Portable extractors

#Damage Caused

There were several rooms that were affected as a result of the blockage and subsequent drain back up on the level. The following building elements were affected by the sewage:

Wool carpets in units and hallway

Tiled bathrooms and kitchens

Plasterboard ceilings of lower affected rooms

Concrete subfloor

#Portable Extraction

Due to the biohazardous nature of sewage, it is an imperitive to both remove anything that is biohazadous by physical removal and to sanitize the areas. In this case, because of the large volume and liquid nature of the sewage, using portable extractors were the most effective means to physically remove the sewage. These portable extractors provide powerful suction that safely suck and store the substances within the machine, to be disposed of in safe ways. The portable nature of the machines gives great convenience and effectiveness as means to extracting water and/or sewage. 

In heavily affected areas, the wool carpets were removed and disposed of. Once sewage was removed, including heavily affected carpets, tiles and concrete subfloors were treated with anti-microbial treatments, to sanitize the area. lower levels were checked, finding a few affected areas. 19 air movers and 7 dehumidifiers were placed down, to dry down the structure. Coliform/E.coli testing was done after 4 days, to test presence of sewage, and came back absent. The drying equipment was removed after 5 days. 


The client was extremely happy to have the rooms completely safe of sewage biohazards, as this is crucial to the health of clients to the hotel. After only 5 days, the rooms were safe to refit the carpets, and for the facilities to be prepared. 

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