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#Grease Trap Overflows

It is important to contain grease spill in restaurants to remain compliant with food safety and OHS and contain and to contain odour. Generally, these spills must be attended to immediately our the can penetrate the surface which can leave permanent damage.

When you do experience a grease trap overflow, it is a great idea if you can contain the damage using whatever barriers or mitigation measures you can implement. Just bare in mind, if you are using water to clean the spill, the water cannot be emptied into city sewers. This is why it is important to have a spill clean up kit available to use for emergencies.

If the spill is substantial, you may need our services to pressure clean and extract those areas with specialised truck mounted pressure cleaning. We also have odour containment barriers and ozone machines which can help deal with any odours or smells during the cleanup process. All waste will be disposed to city regulations.

If you experience an emergency, our emergency team is available to take your call

#Fuel, Oil and Chemical Spill Clean Up

We have extensive experience in cleaning chemical fuel and oil spills. Whether you have a ruptured tank, road tanker spill, fuel leak, we can assist in mitigating and cleaning the damage. 

We service a variety of industries including manufacturing, oil and gas as well as local councils and government departments. We can also assist in road spillage and accidents caused in warehouses and factories. 

#How We Clean Up Chemicals, Oil and Fuel

1. Containment of The Spill

Firstly we will assess the damage and mitigate the spill by using specialised spill kits that are specific to damage caused. We will set up a hazard zone with a perimeter and conduct a risk assessment. We can ensure that the chemical does not end up in the sewer

2. Clean Up Process 

There are several different methods used depending on the chemical which has been spilled. 

In addition, we have a variety of different air monitoring equipment to monitor the environment to make sure that everybody is safe. In indoor environments, we may need to erect containment barriers and air filtration equipment to reduce the effects of offending gases. 

3. Disposal of Waste

We will abide by local laws and restrictions. All waste will be managed and monitored according to regulation. We have specialised equipment which can vacuum, pressure clean and extract the spill.

#Oil Spill? Need Immediate Help?

We provide emergency response services for oil spills, if you have a question please call our operation team

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