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#Why Do I Need to Test for Methamphetamine?

Unfortunately, past owners or residents of your property may have used the property as an illegal meth lab, leaving significant meth residue. This residue is invisible, and while sometimes there can be a chemical-like smell, often this smell is not present even with high levels of contamination. Meth residue exposure may have negative health effects, including headaches, eye irritation, respiratory difficulty and nausea or vomiting. These risks are higher for children.1 

If you suspect that a past owner or occupant has used your property to manufacture methamphetamine, or this has been confirmed, meth testing should be done to ensure that any meth residue is below dangerous levels. This ensures that you can safely occupy, sell or rent your property without danger of damage to occupants or users. Contact us for more information about or meth testing services.  

#​ How to Test Your Property For Meth

1. Order a DIY Instant Results Meth Testing Kit through our sister company IECL. These testing kits come with all the components you need to get instant meth residue results from surface samples.

DIY Instant Results Meth Testing Kit

DIY Instant Results Meth Testing Kit

2. Call to book an onsite meth test. Our qualified technicians will sample surfaces in your premises and send these off for laboratory analysis. These tests can be either pass/fail, or with detailed measurements, depending on your requirements. A detailed report is also provided. Call now to enquire or book this service. (Please note that we cannot perform testing, scoping or assessment for properties that are police-identified, verified meth labs. However, we can clean these meth labs based on a scope of works that has been assessed by a professional occupational hygienist. Please see this page for information about our meth residue clean up services.)


1. Alcohol and Drug Foundation. (2020). Impact of Residue From Methamphetamine. https://adf.org.au/reducing-risk/methamphetamine-contamination/impact-residue-methamphetamine/

#What if There is Meth Residue Present?

If a test has confirmed that there is meth residue present on you property, we can perform cleaning and remediation to make your premises safe to occupy again. Please see our Meth Cleaning page for more information on our decontamination process.