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#Process of Concrete Slab Moisture Testing

NLR carries out relative humidity in-situ probe tests in accordance with ASTM F2710 and recommended by AS 1884-2012. In order to sufficiently read moisture levels deep within the concrete slab, small holes are drilled into the concrete 20% through its thickness. 

In this case, 22 holes were drilled into the concrete spanning across the entirety of the supermarket complex, to provide a complete picture of the moisture levels throughout the complex. Once drilled, the technician inserted caps on the holes. over a 24 hour period, these drilled holes would acclimate, allowing for accurate reading of the relative humidity (RH) indicative of the moisture content in the concrete slab. Once 24 hours passed, the technician inserted a probe into the hole and recorded the RH of each of the 22 points. 

#Site pictures

Mapping of concrete slab moisture points

Relative humidity reading in concrete slab point 8


The client received a full 22 point concrete moisture test report, informing the client of the moisture levels that were currently present in the slab. The report was sent the same day the testing was completed-- a 2-day process from the first arrival to a final report sent through. 

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