Floors Affected




Air Movers

#Damage Caused

A pipe burst under one of the sinks and the resulting water leak flowed down 5 floors, affecting rooms on all 6 levels. Carpets, kitchen areas, contents in the rooms as well a lot of the ceilings were significant water affected. It was very important to remediate all the water damaged areas as well as reduce the water content in the air to decrease the risk of mould. Water damage costs can be significant, but unless action is taken quickly after an event, mould can bring significant costs, as well as being hazardous to the health of occupants.

#Works Completed

When NLR technicians got to the site, the water had stopped flowing, but there was significant standing water, on floors, ceilings and even in light fixtures. On our first visit, we moved the affected contents and set up the dehumidifiers and air movers to get as much water out of rooms and air as possible. On our return, technicians performed thorough checks to see what still needed drying. In this case, we had to lift many carpets to dry underneath them. This process often means the carpet and underlay can be saved, dramatically reducing costs for the occupant or insurer. Once the rooms were dry, they were wiped down and disinfected as necessary, and final checks were performed to ensure satisfactory results, with all the findings and actions going into a detailed report for the customer.


With the water now removed and the risk of mould eliminated, work could now safely commence on restoring or replacing the electrical and plumbing elements affected. The customer was happy with the speedy result, as well as the rapid turnaround time of our technicians. Only days after the event, the rooms had been fully restored and could be inhabited by their occupants again.

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