#Project Highlights

3 days

dry down of carpets


LGR dehumidifiers to draw moisture out of the air.


air movers to blow moisture into the air.

Electrical testing

of affected items such as vacuum, powerboard and steam mop.

#Damage Caused

The hot water system burst inside the unit, spilling water into a small hallway, and two bedrooms. As a result, the carpet and underlay were wet completely in the hallway, one third in the guest bedroom and along the wall in the main bedroom. As a result, these are the steps we took to remediate the problem:



Moisture tested area, investigated spread of water and took photos for reporting purposes


Extracted water using portable extractor


Laid down dehumidifiers and air movers to start drying process


Electrically tested affected items


Came back after 3 days and moisture tested area.


Carpet measured dry and so drying gear was removed

Moisture Meter Testing Carpet | New Life Restoration
Moisture Meter Testing Carpet 2 | New Life Restoration


The client was happy, as the carpet was dried to a livable standard. The attending technician recommended to the insurance that the carpet be replaced in the unit, because of non-recoverable staining caused by the hot water system burst. The client was pleased with this outcome. 

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