#Project Highlights

2 Days

Business Interruption Time Saved




2000 CFM Desiccant
Desiccant Dehumidifiers


LGR Dehumidifiers

#Damage Caused

There were several apartments affected over 5 levels. The following building elements were affected by water:

Broadloom carpet to bedrooms

Flooring planks

Vinyl flooring

Tiles to apartments

Plasterboard, stud walls and paintworks

Bedroom, study and hallway built-in wardrobes, cabinetry

Damage to bathrooms, laundry cupboards

Joinery to kitchens

Concrete subfloor

Skirting and architraves to apartments

Fittings and fixtures to ceilings

Ceiling damage

#Large Desiccant Dehumidification

Due to the large area of water damage and saturation to porous building materials, large industrial desiccant dehumidifiers were used to dry down the unts. 2 x 2000 CFM desiccant units were used to dry down 2 floors of water damage. 

Our clients top concern is to have the building sit up and running as soon as possible due to potential loss in revenue. Desiccants were used over traditional LGR dehumidifiers as they have the ability to aggressively dry down wet materials much faster. Using 3 phase power on site we were able to use 1 x 2000 CFM desiccant on each floor. The result was a fast dry down of the premises in only 2 days drying. The decrease in the time means we were able to dry down the building in half the amount of time.


The client was exceptionally happy that we were able to respond quickly and we had the technology and expertise to dry down the building to minimise building interruption.

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