• Power

    50 Hz AC electrical supply Single Phase

  • Voltage

    230 volt

  • Amp Draw

    2 x 10 Amp or 2 x 15 Amp

  • Filtration Performance

    3 Stage - Washable filter bag, MERV 11 Pleated bag filter, and Primary Hepa

  • Controls Variable Switch

    Variable Frequency Drives

  • Housing

    Stainless Steel

  • Plug Type

    Standard 15 Amp or 10 Amp Aus Plugs Supplied

  • Ductable Intake


  • Blower

    2 each. 1.5 hp high-efficiency, three phase motors

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This is a dual motor machine, each motor runs of a separate power circuit and features a variable frequency drive. This means when the motors are started up, there will not be an amperage spike. This is important so circuits are not tripped on the property. Features include:

  • Computer inside unit will monitor filter loading, voltage and amperage draw, will also automatically udjust the fan speed to create teh maximum output within safe levelsT
  • The Variable frequency drive will wind up the motors slowly when starting
  • 4 module design which detaches which makes the unit able to be carried from site to site with one person only
  • Stair climber built in to make transport easy
  • Fits through standard sized doors. 

Consumables Available

  • 2nd Stage pre filter - ask for price. this will need to be purchased with each hire. One pre-filter will be used per week depending on application. Please ask our friendly staff. 

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