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Concrete and Silica Dust

This air scrubber can be used to filter concrete, silica, wood and other dust from the air, leaving it hygienic and clean

Odor Removal

This air scrubber can be used to remove odors from fire damage or other odorous gasses

Mould Remediation

This air scrubber can be used to filter mould spores from the air

#About this product

The Husqvarna A 1000 is a lightweight, compact and easily transportable unit designed for air purification in industrial or residential environments. Low-noise and set on castor wheels, they are easily used in office or other environments without the need for specialised technicians. They are highly efficient machines, processing up to 600CFM of air while drawing only 1.2 amps of power. The duel filters and special V-shaped design of the H13 HEPA filter enables the Husqvarna A 1000 to be extremely effective, removing 99.99% of particles 0.3 microns or larger. The Husqvarna A 1000 can be used to deal with concrete, silica, wood and other dust as well as other airborne particulates. Two warning lights indicate when the filter needs to be changed or is malfunctioning. Extra carbon filters and ducting options can be supplied upon request.

A pre-filter (approx. $30) will need to be purchased for every week of use.

#Hire Locations

Hire Locations

We can also organise freight to most major cities Australia wide (Adelaide, Perth etc). We ask that you keep all packaging for return shipping.

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