• Voltage

    230 V

  • Max Airflow


  • Filtration Performance

    3 Stage

  • Controls Variable Switch


  • Housing


  • Plug Type


  • Ductable Intake



Abatement technology is the gold standard for air purification in the US. We have tested many different brands, but Abatement build quality, product engineering and performance stands out.
​This model is capable of producing up to 750 CFM and comes with a change filter lamp.

3 Filter Stages:

1st Stage -Course particulate pre filter for particles 50 - 100 microns
2nd Stage - Course particles under less than 10 microns in size​
3rd Stage - Hepa Filter to capture to capture under 0.3 microns in size
There is an option also to have a carbon filter installed - used for odour removal in fire damage, sewage or VOC odour removal. This filter cartridge will replace the 2nd stage. ​


  • Mould Remediation - to filter out mould spores
  • Fire Damage Restoration 
  • Sewage and Crime Scene Clean Up
  • Silica Dust control on construction sites including welding
  • Chemical and fuel spill odour removal (with use of Carbon filter)

#How the Unit Can be Used

This unit can be used as a negative air unit or in recirculation. A flex duct can be provided to be connected to the air out take. The air can be ducted outside the containment area (or out a window), to create a negative pressure environment. Or the air can simply recirculate inside the environment.  

#HEPA Rental Information

Consumables to Purchase

You will need to purchase a coarse particle filter and a second stage particulate filter with every hire. They are available though us. Please call our friendly staff to organise this.

Hire Locations

We can organise freight to most major cities Australia wide (Adelaide, Perth Etc). We ask that you keep all packaging so that it can be reused when the equipment is sent back.

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