• Voltage


  • Speeds

    Five airflow settings

  • Min Airflow

    300 CFM

  • Max Airflow

    900 CFM

  • Power Consumption

    125 Watts or Less

  • Filtration Performance

    Pre-filter - 2" particulate pre-filter treated with an EPA-registered microbial growth inhibitor (MERV 8). HEPA Filter (Pharmaceutical-grade) - Individually tested and certified to IEST-RP-CC001.3


This module can be installed in a hospital to create a negative pressure patient isolation room. Though the use of the ducting kit which we can supply. The unit which is equipped with a HEPA filter is capable of air exchanges of over 12 per hour. 

Many high capacity air purifiers on the market can be noisy and difficult to move around. The HC800 unit has well constructed castors and is very quiet at 59 Db which is ideal for a hospital, lab or clean room environment where patients are sleeping or workers are present. 

Using as a recirculating Air Scrubber

If not in use as a negative air patient isolation, it can simply be used as a recirculating HEPA air cleaner.. This can reduce airborne pathogens in areas of high risk such as emergency patient waiting rooms. 

Filter Stages

  • 2" particulate pre filter treated with microbial growth inhibitor
  • A Pharmaceutical HEPA filter. Silicone- gel seal with anodised aluminium frame. 

Optional Carbon Filter for Filtration of Odours

If there are VOC's present in a clean room or hospital, we recommend the use of the Carbon filter which can be attached as a pre filter. This can filter out any gas phase contaminants or odours from the air. 

Thousands of the HC800 in service today

This unit is the standard for air filtration in hospitals for many reasons:

  • High airflow. 900 CFM in this size unit is simply the best you can find
  • Certified s Class 2 Medical devices under FD 510K.
  • Certified with NRTL to conform with relevant UL and CSA safety standards. This is a very high level of standard in USA.
  • It is designed so that contaminants cannot bypass the HEPA filter. 
  • Narrow design with high quality castors


    Creation of Temporary Isolation Room to Control Outbreak of Measles

    Creation of Temporary Isolation Room to Control Outbreak of Measles

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