• Voltage


  • Speeds

    3 amps, 3.5amps, 4.0amps

  • Max Airflow

    3500 CFM or 5950 CMH

  • Amp Draw

    4 Amps

  • Plug Type

    AS/NZS 3112 3 Pin

  • Cable Wrap


Carpet Drying

These units work well to dry carpet in place, without needing a full carpet lift. Alternatively, they can be used to dry carpet without lifting the carpet by placing the blower on top of the wet carpet.

Cabinetry & Wall Cavity Drying

The Sahara Pro works drying cavities that require high static air pressure to circulate airflow. Such appilcations include, under kitchen cabintery cavities, ceiling spaces, wall cavities and void spaces beneath buildings.

#About this product

This heavy-duty unit delivers higher CFM (3500) at a high static pressure to deliver an effective drying solution for confined or hard-to-access spaces. 

Air Flow Rate & Amp draw
This air mover provides 3 different speeds (1,2,3) which in turn changes the amp drawage (3.0, 3.5, 4.0 amps respectively). At speed 1 (4.0 amps) the fan operates at an airflow rate of 3500 CFM (or 5950 CMH).

Operation Positions
The unit can operate at the following positions/angles for air movement: (0°, 15°, 45° and 60°)

A clamp can be on the front of the unit. This clamp works well to hold down carpet as it pushes air underneath carpet left in place (corner of room lifted and blower placed underneath section of lifted carpet).

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How to Dry Cabinets After Water Damage

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